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The NANTACHA Programme / Our Projects

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Kyabazinga of Busoga Attends

    Youth Program
“Start with One tree”

We have supported existing youth empowernment programs in the region specifically for the marginalized, poor and vulnerable,and the crippled. These include Nursery Bed tree planting, Paper-Bag making and Tailoring.

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Sanitation Programme

    Cleaning drainage,
Door-to-Door Event

We have supported over 12 communities in Busoga through long term environment protection programs, such as recycling of waste,waste removal and awareness campaigns so as to avoid pollution and general degradation of scarce land for food production.

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    Domestic Violence prevention programme

Over the years NANTACHA has set up FREE legal services to DV victims and over 200 males have been arrested and convicted in courts of law; and has created awareness through media and materials.

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The Shelter


All victims of domestic violence are rehabilitated at the Busoga Shelter Bunawona center in Bugiri town, uganda where they are helped to recover from the trauma and also receive FREE medical treatment from NANTACHA

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Sponsorship Programme

education for everyone, School for all

We provide school fees assistance to DV survivor headed families, Single-Mother headed families, child-headed families, Grand-Parent headed families, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children of poor.

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Water Project

   EASY Access TO

We carry out programs that ensure the provision and access to clean water, toilets and other sanitary facilities in disaster and non-disaster affected areas of Busoga. We enhance and coordinate community initiatives on the equitable access to water and mainstreaming of local governance in water related issues.