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The NANTACHA Programme/ Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

NANTACHA wants to see a world free from illiteracy, oppression, the burden of poverty and violence where people have the opportunity to realise their full potentials.
NANTACHA was established as an indigenous organisation born out of the NANTACHA Communities effort to work with the people living in rural areas to reduce the burden of poverty.
NANTACHA's mission is to promote protection of women and children from domestic violence and abuse and secure for them basic rights through education, Health Care and economic self sufficiency.          

The following are NANTACHA's core values and principles;

  • To believe women and children's experience of abuse
  • To prioritise all abused women and children's safety and confidentiality
  • To support empowerment and self-help so that the women can regain control of their lives
  • To challenge discrimination and promote equal opportunities
  • To promote staff team spirit and personal growth.

NANTACHA's modal of work focuses on achieving the following for its beneficiaries

  • Justice
  • Economic empowerment
  • Resettlement into a violent free life
  • Building their confidence.